Who knew taking simple safety steps, can help save lives around our pools, tubs, water areas, and oceans!   To do this it truly takes all of us being water smarter around water and promote water safety together throughout our communities.  As members of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, Broward County Drowning & Prevention Task Force (Water Smart Broward) and the CDC Pool Safely Partner, and USA Swimming Foundation; The Swim Academy strives in promoting water safety awareness and parent education in all it’s learn to swim programs.  Our lessons not only provide water skills that can help save a child’s life but encourage lifelong love and respect for water.  We do promote having fun in the water but our #1 goal is Safety First. 

Our parents always tell us “they didn’t know” that Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for children 4 and under.  Then we share with them that the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for children 1-14 years. We give them a few seconds to catch their breath and then let them know together we will help teach their child and their family, how to be water safer, smarter and responsive around water.  We thank them for being a water safety advocate by starting the child in swim lessons, for it is one of the crucial ingredients and keeping children safer in and around our waters here in Florida. 

So we like to share some Parent tips today with you and our community:  Together we can make a difference in making sure all our little ones and beyond become water smart heroes like you.   

Some Water Safety Tips for you: 

Adult Supervision

There is NO substitute for adult supervision! It is a primary layer of protection when watching children in the pool or around water. Designate a Water Watcher at all times.  If that phone rings inside and you run in to answer it, we want our families to know a child can drown in less than a minute while they say hello. NEVER leave children alone when swimming, not even for a minute. 

Layers of Protection

Make sure you have pool fences, self-closing self-latching gates, alarms and more enhancing barriers around the pool!  We tell our parents don’t think for a moment that their cute little crawler of theirs can’t get through a gate, door and more.  Also, they are shocked when we tell them about those doggie doors that can also lead to unintended access to their pool area!   

Learn How to Swim

Enroll children in swimming lessons at an early age. Risk of drowning is decreased by as much as 88% when children aged 4 and undertake swimming lessons. Adults can also learn to swim, a benefit to make it a “family safer” activity for all. 

Safer Response

LEARN CPR and can save a life!  Make sure your family has an action plan.  When we talk about the family we want our parents to include grandparents, babysitters, caregivers, and neighbors! Make sure they know about pool safety and what to do in an emergency! Make sure everyone in your family knows to check the pool or spa first if a child is missing. 

Wear a Lifejacket

Always have your children wear a life jacket approved by the U.S. Coast Guard while on boats, around open bodies of water or when participating in water sports. Make sure the life jacket fits snugly. 

DID YOU KNOWAccording to the Florida Department of Health, Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than any other state. That is enough children to fill three or four pre-school classrooms  

The Swim Academy wants to make a difference in the State of Florida and around the world. Together we can help make a difference in saving not only your child’s life but our neighbors as well. We want to change the statistics starting now.  Let us provide Water Safety Education presentations for your community, PTO, school, preschool, and association.  We not only educate but provide multiple learn to swim programs from our Parent & Me free classes, to our infants to adults. No matter if you never swam or need some refreshers we are here for you…  Let’s get swimming!